commonmeta-py (Python)

commonmeta-py is a Python library to implement Commonmeta. Use commonmeta-py to convert scholarly metadata in a variety of formats, listed below. Commonmeta-py is work in progress, the first release on PyPi (version 0.5.0) was on February 16, 2023.

PyPI version (opens in a new tab)

FormatNameContent TypeReadWrite
Commonmeta (opens in a new tab)commonmetaapplication/vnd.commonmeta+jsonyesyes
CrossRef Unixref XML (opens in a new tab)crossref_xmlapplication/vnd.crossref.unixref+xmlyesplanned
Crossref (opens in a new tab)crossrefapplication/vnd.crossref+jsonyesno
DataCite XML (opens in a new tab)datacite_xmlapplication/vnd.datacite.datacite+xmlplannedlater
DataCite (opens in a new tab)dataciteapplication/vnd.datacite.datacite+jsonyesyes (in JSON-LD) (opens in a new tab)schema_orgapplication/vnd.schemaorg.ld+jsonyesyes
RDF XML (opens in a new tab)rdf_xmlapplication/rdf+xmlnolater
RDF Turtle (opens in a new tab)turtletext/turtlenolater
CSL-JSON (opens in a new tab)cslapplication/vnd.citationstyles.csl+jsonlateryes
Formatted text citation (opens in a new tab)citationtext/x-bibliographynoyes
Codemeta (opens in a new tab)codemetaapplication/vnd.codemeta.ld+jsonyeslater
Citation File Format (CFF) (opens in a new tab)cffapplication/vnd.cff+yamlyeslater
JATS (opens in a new tab)jatsapplication/vnd.jats+xmllaterlater
BibTex (opens in a new tab)bibtexapplication/x-bibtexlateryes
RIS (opens in a new tab)risapplication/x-research-info-systemslateryes

commonmeta: the Commonmeta format is the native format for the library and used internally.
Planned: we plan to implement this format for the v0.8 public release.
Later: we plan to implement this format in a later release.

commonmeta-ruby (Ruby)

commonmeta-ruby is a rewrite (and rename) of the Briard Ruby Gem (opens in a new tab).

Gem Version (opens in a new tab)